3 Pipe-Clogging Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Are you making these pipe-clogging mistakes? Find out what you might be doing wrong and learn to prevent potential residential plumbing problems.

drainNo homeowner wants to deal with pipe clogs in their residential plumbing, but the truth is many are making mistakes that can cause this issue. Learn the top three pipe-clogging mistakes you may be making to avoid plumbing hassles in the future.

Mistake #1: Contributing to a Hairy Situation

Hair. We all have it. But it shouldn’t go down the drain. Whether you brush your hair over the sink and allow the hair strands and clumps to wash down the drain, or you lose a lot in the shower, hair is a common pipe clogger. While you can’t avoid the normal process of hair shedding, you can prevent it from going down the drain in the first place. Installing guards over drains to catch the hair and clearing them regularly can help.

Mistake #2: Using Soap Bars

What? Can soap cause a pipe clog? You better believe it. Most soap bars contain fat or grease that combines with the minerals in your water, creating a hard residue known as soap scum. This is the stuff that stains your shower and bath, and it can also do a number on your pipes. By switching to soap-free products and/or scheduling pressure-cleaning for your pipes, you can prevent soap clog hassles.

Mistake #3: Treating Drains Like a Trash Can

There are a number of items that should never go down the drain. While obvious items such as toys, feminine products, and non-food objects are problematic, you also must be careful about the items you put down the kitchen sink garbage disposal. Coffee grounds, fat, meat bones, fibrous veggies, and eggshells can all lead to clogged pipes, so it is best to put them in a compost pile or in the trash can.

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