What Every Homeowner Needs to Know About Sump Pumps


Are you spending time thinking about sump pumps? Probably not. It’s not exactly a common consideration. However, there are certain things every homeowner should know about this vital appliance, including how it keeps your plumbing doing its job and water out of your home.

Here are some of the facts to keep in mind about your sump pump:

Purpose of a Sump Pump

Your home’s sump pump works to collect water accumulating in the sump basin in your basement or lowest level of your home, and then pumps the water outside. You’ll typically find this appliance above the floor if it’s a pedestal type, or underneath a submersible pump. If your basement or lower level gets a lot of water, a sump pump is essential to avoid flooding and water damage, especially if the water level comes above your home’s foundation.

Where the Water Goes

A sump pump takes the water outside of the home to a communal storm drain or well, so it can’t create a wet or damp environment in your home that leads to mold and water damage. If there is a problem with the sump pump, it’s important to detect it right away and get professional plumbing repair services to avoid costly damage to your home.

Signs You May Need to Replace the Sump Pump

How can you know if you need to call on a professional to repair or replace your sump pump? Here are the signs:

  • Strange noises coming from the pump
  • Excessive vibrations when running
  • Continual running
  • Visible rust
  • And, of course, water in the basement!

Need Help with Your Sump Pump? Call on Stormy Plumbing

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