Why Are My Pipes Draining So Slowly?

Pipes that drain slowly are so frustrating. They’re also concerning. What could be the cause? Take a look at some common reasons for slow pipes.

In Your Kitchen

A slow drain in your kitchen sink is usually due to food. Things like grease, eggshells, and fruit pits don’t grind properly in the garbage disposal and get caught in the P-trap, which is the curve in the pipe under the sink. When this happens, it slows down anything that goes down the drain after it.

In the Bathroom

Your bathroom sink drains can take a beating from hair, soap scum, and beauty products. All of these can get stuck and slow the flow of water down the drain.

In Your Toilets

Flushing things that aren’t flushable can do damage to your toilet and slow the draining process. Things like kitty litter, feminine hygiene products, and the flushable wipes that don’t disintegrate can cause bit problems in your drains. Flushing these things can also lead to sewer line issues and can cause your toilet to suffer from slow draining. It can also lead to frequent clogs.

In Any Drain

Some common issues can cause slow draining. Vent pipes help to keep the air pressure consistent in your pipes and drains. Without proper venting, water won’t flow freely down the drain.

Don’t suffer the frustration of slow drains. An experienced plumber can repair slow drains. The team at Stormy Plumbing can help with any plumbing issues, including a slow drain. Contact us today.