4 Plumbing Decisions to Make Before Building Your New Home

Building a new home comes with a lot of decisions about style, design, flooring, countertops, hardware, and even plumbing decisions. What needs deciding when it comes to plumbing? Take a look at four important considerations.


Where plumbing runs through the house determines where fixtures can go, where you can install sinks, tubs, and showers, and where toilets will go. Discussing the location of piping can have a big impact on the layout of your home.


Choosing the best materials will affect the performance of your plumbing, as well as its longevity. A reliable plumbing professional can advise you on the right materials to use for the plumbing in your new home to give you the best results.


Choosing fixtures for your new home is part of the fun. The fixtures have a big impact on the overall design of your house. From the kitchen sink to the bathroom sinks, tubs, and showers, choosing the faucets is one of the important decisions you’ll make.


One of the biggest and most important decisions is the plumbing company you choose during the build process. If you choose someone inexperienced in new construction, you could end up with issues down the road. Hiring a reliable, trustworthy, experienced, and knowledgeable plumbing company is critical to the success of the overall project. Bad plumbing installation can impact the entire house.

Building a new house is exciting, but it’s essential to choose the best companies in the process. Contact Stormy Plumbing for the expertise you need for the plumbing in your new home build.