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Gas Fireplace Installation

There’s nothing like the warm glow of a gas fireplace to make a home feel cozy and welcoming. And there’s nothing like the convenience of a gas fireplace installed by the experts at Stormy Plumbing. A gas fireplace provides all the authenticity of a traditional fireplace without the mess and constant work of chopping, hauling and cleaning up wood.

Advantages of a Gas Fireplace

If you’ve been debating whether a clean-burning gas fireplace is right for your home, consider the advantages:

gas fireplace
  • Low maintenance: With the push of a button your fire turns off and on, and you’ll never have to haul buckets of ash out of the house.
  • Environmentally friendly: Natural and propane gas are considered clean-burning fuels that release fewer emissions into the atmosphere than other types of fossil fuel.
  • Affordable: Natural and propane gas are two of the cheapest fuels available for heating your home. Depending on your frequency of use, the cost of installing a new gas stove could be offset by savings in utility bills.
  • Convenient: Special features make modern gas stoves more convenient than ever. Not only can you install one in any room in the house, but you can also have the temperature set to your preferences or install a timer to turn the fireplace off and on automatically.
  • Safe: Yes, a gas fireplace produces real fire that requires safe handling. However, a gas fireplace won’t throw sparks or burning embers onto the floor. You don’t have to worry about filling the house with smoke or straining your back loading firewood.

Rely on Stormy Plumbing to tend to every detail of gas fireplace installation with safety in mind, from helping you choose between ventless and direct-vent options, to installing new gas lines and providing basic yearly maintenance to ensure your fireplace continues to run efficiently. We’ll even assist you in selecting the style and model to compliment your décor.

Contact our friendly staff to arrange a free estimate and make your home the warm cozy retreat you’ve always known it could be.