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Drains & Clogs

Clogged drains can be a real headache. Aside from leaving residue behind, a clogged drain can be an indication of a more serious problem. Have the problem diagnosed by a licensed plumbing technician at Stormy Plumbing, LLC as soon as you notice a slowing drain.

Bathroom, Kitchen and Floor Drains and Clogs

clogged drains

Signs of clogged drains are typically easy to spot. Just pay attention to your senses. Smells of rotting food may start coming up from the kitchen sink, a pool of water may form near the sink or bathtub, and gurgling sounds may occur when dishwashers or washing machines are running. These are only a few symptoms of a clogged drain. Using a plunger may help dislodge a clog temporarily, but it’s difficult to know what might be happening further down the line. It’s always best to contact a reliable plumbing technician to address the problem and the cause, as well as any related issues, such as corrosion or cracks in a pipe.

Clogs can easily form when residents of a home make common mistakes, like not using a drain screen to catch hair in the shower, pouring grease down the sink or putting food products like egg shells and coffee grounds down the garbage disposal often. Buildup of rust, grease, hair and other substances can lead to the corrosion of pipes. You can trust in the experts at Stormy Plumbing to not only deal with your clogged pipes, but also to recommend a maintenance schedule to keep your drains and pipes clog-free and running at peak efficiency.

Both preventative and emergency drain services are available to Lexington, Columbia and surrounding area residents from Stormy Plumbing professionals. When water threatens to overflow from a drain, turn off the associated shutoff valve and reach out to a licensed plumbing technician at Stormy Plumbing right away.

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