Homeowner’s Thanksgiving Leftovers Guide for Proper Garbage Disposal Care

Homeowner’s Thanksgiving Leftovers Guide for Proper Garbage Disposal Care

Turkey carcass in roasting pan

As you stare at your bounty of Thanksgiving dishes, you may be thinking about sticking as many food scraps as you can down the garbage disposal. Before you end up with a clogged sink or broken disposal, take a moment to learn about the best practices for proper garbage disposal use and care.

What Items Can Go Down the Disposal?

If you are in clean-up mode after Thanksgiving dinner, you want the leftovers and cooking scraps out of sight as quickly as possible. It’s a good idea to stop and learn about what can safely go down the garbage disposal before you end up with a bigger mess on your hands.

While it’s always better to put the food in the trashcan to save your sink from the extra effort, you can safely put non-fibrous foods down the garbage disposal, such as:

  • Mashed potatoes
  • Meat without the bones
  • Salads
  • Non-fibrous fruit (without the pits); citrus fruit peels can be good for the disposal
  • Broths and soups
  • Jell-O and pudding

For best results putting any food down the disposal, make sure to run cold water as you wash down the food and run the appliance. This prevents the items from getting stuck or clogging the drain.

What Items Should Not Go Down the Disposal?

It’s always better to error on the side of caution when it comes to food going down the disposal. If you aren’t sure, stick it in the trashcan to prevent problems. Here are the items you should never put down the disposal:

  • Grease, fat, and oil—including bacon grease and gravy, which can solidify in the drain and create clogs
  • Layered vegetables such as onions, leeks, and corn husks- these can wrap around the blades and moving parts of the disposal
  • Nuts and shells, including eggshells
  • Coffee grounds
  • Bones, pits, or seeds
  • Rice, bread, potato peels, or pasta—the starchy foods can create build-up and expand in your drains, preventing proper water flow
  • Fibrous fruits and banana peels- the strings on these foods can wrap around the blades
  • Food in bulk- too much of anything down the garbage disposal is not a good idea; simply place in the trash or a compost pile to save yourself from problems

Make Thanksgiving Happier by Treating Your Garbage Disposal Right

Whether you are looking for more advice regarding how to use your garbage disposal or think it may need repair or replacement before the Thanksgiving festivities begin, reach out to Stormy Plumbing. Our team of friendly experts will help to ensure your garbage disposal and kitchen plumbing are in optimal working order this holiday season. Connect with us online now.